Jane Gilman

Jane has served on Town Meeting since 2008. She co-founded Town Meeting Green Caucus and co-petitioned a Warrant Ar- ticle to ban single-use plastic water bottles. She served on the Select Board’s Committee to Study Bottled Water. A member of the Brookline By Design Steering Committee she believes in an inclusive planning process. Jane advocates for measures to address and mitigate the climate crisis, especially as it relates to underserved people. She has three daughters and four grandchildren. She enjoys tending the perennial “guerilla garden” she created on the Marshal Street berm.

jcgilman3 at gmail.com

Gina Hahn

Gina is a thirteen-year resident of Brookline and mother of two teenage children who have gone through the Brookline Public Schools (BHS and Lawrence, where she was active in the PTO and a founding member of the school’s Green Team). She’s a graduate of Amherst College and a former staff editor at The Atlantic. As a member of Mothers Out Front, Gina works to further climate resilience and environmental justice. She is an advocate for modernizing Brookline’s land-use regulations in combination with robust, neighborhood-level planning to guide new growth and development.

ginamariehahn at gmail.com

Don Leka

Don has lived in Brookline since 1996 and has served on Town meeting since 2012. A graduate of Yale and Harvard Law School, he is a former senior counsel at Gillette and Teradyne. Don is a longtime member of the Town’s Green Caucus and served on the Steering Committee of Spend Smart Brookline. He is committed to ensuring the future vitality of Brookline’s neighborhoods through thoughtful planning based on shared vision and values. Don has two daughters and two grandchil- dren. In the off hours Don is a chamber musician and key- boardist for Unredacted Jazz Ensemble.

Donald.leka at gmail.com