Our Priorities

Climate Resilience

In order for a future to be possible, each choice we make must be informed by the question will this contribute to or mitigate climate change?    


We need to view all our decisions through the lens of racial and economic justice and equity. We acknowledge the painful history and trauma of racial injustice in our community. Brookline must change. We commit to listening with openness and humility to those who have been silenced. Only then can we recognize and address the disparities that persist within our town. Working together, with mutual respect, we will ensure that safety, justice, opportunity, and vitality are guaranteed to all.

Community Planning

The Lawrence School and Longwood Playground, walkable streets, attractive and varied architecture and trees are hallmarks of our Precinct. We advocate for pedestrian-friendly and safe sidewalks to encourage us to walk and connect with one other. We are guided by the principles of Smart Growth and Complete Streets to ensure livability and accessibility for all. We also favor planning to increase our tree canopy and to avoid creating more heat islands.   

Housing planning is equitable and successful only when done with the whole of the community in mind. Precinct 3 and our town need a comprehensive planning process that articulates and incorporates the values and goals of our precinct and those of our neighbors across town. Future growth and development should be governed not by a single metric, like affordability, but by a systemic approach balancing environmental concerns, equity, fiscal responsibility, sustainability goals, livability, and preservation of our historic assets.  It’s time for innovation and informed decisions. Planning housing with community in mind counts because where you build makes a difference. We know that Brookline will be better served by a proactive process to meet the needs of our underserved. We support the mission of Brookline By Design


Open space is the key component of the biosphere on which our very lives depend, and the beneficial effects of abundant and accessible open space are well-documented. Lawrence Park has been a refuge for us during the pandemic, offering a place to relax, visit at a distance, and connect with nature. Any housing proposal must keep in mind that increased density will increase the need for additional open space so that those who come after us will benefit from the same amenities we now enjoy. It is vital to safeguard and increase open space for everyone’s well-being and for our descendants.